16oz Cinema: Sub Cult Trancers 4: Jack of Swords

Can Trancers continue to be CULT in its 4th entry? Angus and I find out, and express great love for the coolness that is: Tim Thomerson


Trancers 3, as rough as it was, still sounded an echo of the charm of its predecessors.

Trancers 4 smothers that echo under a pillow. 

The list of crimes committed is long, let me be brief and list only 3.

1. The story is damn near plagiarism of a Doctor Who serial from the 80s: State of Decay, where the Doctor finds himself trapped in a parallel dimension and contending with intergalactic Vampires in a medieval setting.

2. In keeping with the plagiarism, Trancers 4 doesn’t even bother to change the Vampires into Trancers. Oh, they’re called Trancers, but they act strictly as space vampires.

3. The acting (outside of Thomerson who somehow has an ounce of spirit left) is astoundingly, apallingly wooden. David Nutter isn’t exactly a witless hack, yet the acting is so bad I wondered if he deliberately told his actors to talk like robots with low batteries.

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